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Hello all , my name is Ja-Lisa! I am a rising senior graduating in may 2021 at Cabrini University. This website is my portfolio of all the fun projects I have done over the years and all the experiences I have being a Cabrini Student. I am a social media and communications major and I love all thing content creation. I am huge on vibes and aesthetics and I love again creating some very cool creations on social media. I hope you enjoy your time browsing through my site!


Ja-Lisa Faith

Why Cabrini why communications ?

I chose Cabrini University for many reasons , the campus during the spring and hot weather looked so pretty. I was huge on making sure that the campus was somewhere I would want to be knowing this is the next four years of my life. Being a gemini decision making was never my best skill and it only got put to the test even more when it came to college decision day.

All my life I thought about college and the major I wanted to go in , but I never knew what I really wanted to do. It was important for me to know these things before choosing the first thing that intrigued me so I looked around my room. I saw the things I chose to live with , and decorate with and what made me , ultimately me in a way. I saw magazines , posters , social media quotes and all movies based out of NYC and had that journalist-assistant character. 

I watched youtube videos and google searched job opportunities in many majors until it clicked . I knew social media , creating content and deciding what trends would be something I found interesting four years ago and ten years from now. 

So even though it seemed like I had it all planned I still remembered that I wanted to be 100 percent sure about what I was choosing to do. I didn’t want to get to college and change my major ten different times so I watched what today is now my favorite movie. I watched the Devil Wears Prada, I sat down and noticed things that I wanted to do and where my creative direction would prosper. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew it was something that was made for me and no matter what I would make sure it’d make me happy. 

The count down

It was time to make the choice , my mom asked me where I wanted to go and I remember telling her Cabrini University. My mom went to Harcum College and later Howard university. These are colleges I never even thought about going to but I had gotten and when I got in Johson and Wales it was for communications media , and fashion marketing. Cabrini was for Communications and social media I had to choose between a school that was a couple hours a way or a school that was 10 minutes up the road. Highschool played a huge role in my decision because it truly made me love the smaller school communities , and the close by setting. So in a way I always knew Cabrini was the choice for this. I had also just gotten in a really serious relationship with my high school boyfriend who is now my college boyfriend ❀ and these are all things that played the extra part in my decision as well . I wanted to be around friends still and I remember being so unsure but I finally understood what I wanted and that had to be Cabrini University and social media and communications was the answer for it all. The department made me want to enroll as soon as I met the first couple teachers at the University and that’s when it all made sense to me

Ja-Lisa Glover


We Have arrived !

 Getting to Cabrini I felt it when I met my friends , I have finally found my second home. It was something out of a movie. It was the best first year , I found out that I was doing what I loved , I took so many trips to many different places all doing stuff I knew I could do forever. My mom  always told me to make sure that I am doing what makes me happy so work feels more like having fun instead of work and that was this.

Communication is something that unlocked my inner voice of who I knew I was but didnt know how to bring out. That was what this major did for me; it allowed me to really have the voice that was always there.


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